What is your home really worth?

As a local agent with over 10 years experience in real estate in Naples, FL, I can help you take the guess work out of calculating your home's value.

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Before you sell

Wouldn't it be great if a local expert gave you a top-down picture of nearly everything you need to consider as a real estate seller in Naples?

Mel has compiled his extensive knowledge into an easily digestible guide.

Market Report

It's critical that that hyperlocal real estate data targets sales activity to the smallest area or demographic possible for accuracy of a given area. While big data offers a great global snapshot, chances are, it doesn't reflect the real value of your property.

If you have questions regarding your area or development, reach out at any time and we’d be happy to compile some information for you.

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Valuation Report

Major real estate sites offer information to empower buyers and sellers, but let the buyer or seller beware! In times past, comparable sales and real estate values were understood only by real estate agents, now everyday buyers and sellers can acquire useful information about their property. Unfortunately, these estimates are often incorrect and produce results that could cost you thousands, or worse yet, a sale all together.